Let’s Talk About Food

My life is split between two seemingly conflicting themes: software and food. I spend a great deal of time sitting in front of a screen moving my fingers. I also spend a great deal of time shoveling shit. Literally. I don’t like the “day job” and “personal life” dichotomy because it is just false. I love writing software. I love farm life. I work from home. Everything I do is out of passion. And as my passion grew deeper for both over the last 10 years, I started to realize the similarities, the shared values, and the harmony they create together.

After my speaking experience at Realtime Conf 2012, I knew this would be the right be venue to try and bring my worlds together on stage. My first pitch to Adam Brault back in May was centered around the idea of getting people’s hands dirty. With actual dirt. I wanted to get that simple universal experience (at least prior to the 20th century) of working with dirt back into our culture. I let the idea simmer in my head for a bit.

Adam and I talked about it some more at NodeConf in July and on the drive home, everything came together in my head. I realized that dirt is just one detail and that food is the creative force I am looking to share. When I got home I sat down and wrote my talk proposal. It was a little bit insane. Some of the ideas in there would have required the conference to increase their insurance policy. But the original pitch largely survived.

Then the insanity kicked in full force.

I am going to talk about food. The food, of course, being a metaphor for breaking through the mundane and seeing things with fresh eyes – rethinking of what it is like being an artist in a very mechanical and scientific craft. I would like to share some of my culinary experiences and studies from the world’s most innovative chefs to show how software engineers must deconstruct, simplify, reduce, and reconstruct our craft in new and creative ways.

I am not going to give away much else other than share some of the insanity with you:

This is by far the most ambitious talk I have ever attempted and probably one of my most ambitious undertakings. Whether a spectacular success or spectacular failure, it is going to be fun.

A few tickets are still available. Come and share my world.