The Unauthorized Node Knockout #2 Awards

I’ve spend the past week participating as a judge in the 2nd Node Knockout competition – a 48 hours worldwide hackathon using node.js. The event included 720 contestants organized in 294 teams and resulted in 178 entries submitted for review. Overall, a fantastic event and a testament to the awesomeness that is the node community.

The competition includes prizes for the best hack in the following categories: fun or utility, design, innovation, completeness, popularity, and overall, as well as overall for a solo participant. While judging is still on-going, and while many of the top entries do deserve to be there, I found the categories to be a bit uninspiring.

Also, as the only crazy person to judge every single entry (including some that dropped out in the process), I wanted to highlight some entries that might not get the attention they deserve. The following are the nominees and winners in my unauthorized awards.

Most Geek-elicious

And the winner is: Node Defense

Biggest Time Suck

And the winner is: Metris

Most Practical

And the winner is: nide

Best Art Direction

And the winner is: Gemini Command

Most Original Classic

And the winner is: Pong

Most Bizzare

And the winner is: Boys over Flowers

Biggest WOW Moment

And the winner is: LocalNode

Congratulations to everyone who participated. I highly recommend you to check out every single entry listed on this page. This is the best of the best – and I’ve seen them all! Also, a big shout out to Gerad Suyderhoud and Visnu Pitiyanuvath for the amazing job they have done organizing the event.

Can’t wait for next year!

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