Closing a Few More Discovery Loose Ends

Two important specifications reach their final stage last month: XRD 1.0 as an OASIS Standard and Web Linking as an RFC. Both are essential building blocks in web discovery and richer distributed web services. It was a long journey getting both of these published in their respective communities – over 2 years of effort for each.

I would like to thank Mark Nottingham for his leadership and hard work authoring the Web Linking specification. This specification will hopefully help bridge the gap between the various formats (XRD, ATOM, HTML, etc.) and provide a consistent way to type links.

Special thanks go to Will Norris for his editorial lead of XRD 1.0, taking my blog posts and notes and turning them into a useful specification with his own added ideas and improvements, and to Drummond Reed for superbly chairing the XRI TC over the past 5+ years and for supporting my crazy idea to drop XRDS and replace it with something simpler.

2 thoughts on “Closing a Few More Discovery Loose Ends

  1. Web Linking looks interesting. Any idea why XRD went with Pascal casing for the XML element names. Is that the prevailing style these days?

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