The Light at the End of the Discovery Tunnel

After almost three years working on various discovery proposals, I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While slow, good progress is being made and the drafts are reaching maturity and gaining popularity.

Just a quick update on the status of the various parts of the discovery stack (aka The Hammer Stack):

  • What started as site-meta and changed into Well-known URIs is now RFC 5785.
  • Web Linking, the heart of the entire discovery stack was finally approved for RFC publication with a new registry for link relation types coming shortly.
  • XRD 1.0 concluded its second public review with no material changes and is moving to Committee Standard next week.
  • host-meta is under review by the IETF Applications area director and pending IETF Last-Call.
  • New draft available for LRDD – the top-most component of the discovery stack where everything comes together into a single discovery flow. The new draft incorporates all the feedback received (mostly editorial), and is hopefully ready for last-call in a week or so.
  • First draft of the ‘acct’ URI specification (as used by the WebFinger protocol) is due shortly.

If you care about any of this, it is critical to review the host-meta and LRDD documents. They are both short and include plenty of detailed examples. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on the Apps Discuss list.

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