Weekly Recap: XRD, OAuth, New Drafts, and We’re Back!

We are back to our normal programming schedule.

The week started with a look at the OAuth community, the new WRAP protocol, and plans for OAuth 2.0. We reviewed the recent changes to XRD, the discovery protocol stack (aka the Hammer Stack), and compared machine discovery to how people interact with the unknown. And we examined the new host-meta proposal and redesigned Well-Known URI specification.There is a lot going on across the many specifications and communities I am involved in, including the Open Web Foundation. It has been hard to keep up with everything, but as these efforts are reaching a stable state, it is time to resume normal blogging. The new post labeling system should help with staying up to date.

The main focus of the next few weeks is going to be getting OAuth 2.0 into a draft state. The IETF working group is working on two separate but related specifications, one dealing with authentication and the other with authorization. I hope to get the authentication part done first and quickly.

Also, if you are working on an Open Web specification or community, and would like to reach the audience of this blog, please let me know. I got a few new guest writers lined up for the next few weeks.