A Little Bit of Housekeeping

The articles on this site tend to be very technical and represent the very latest in Open Web technologies. This means they are often obsolete and include incorrect information shortly after being posted. At the same time, people link to specific articles from tutorials and documentation which can be very confusing for those new to the many technologies covered.To make things easier, and without taking away from the integrity of the article archive, I have decided to add four kinds of disclaimers to technical posts when they becomes out-dated:

  • Updated by another post – the content of the post has been updated by another, more recent post. Readers should simply ignore the older version and read the newer post. For example, XRD Sneak-Peak.
  • Obsolete – the post is no longer accurate and should not be relied upon for implementations. For example, XRD-Based OAuth Discovery Sneak-Peek.
  • Content updated – in cases when a few small changes can bring the post back to the forefront, usually in its examples, the post will be updated directly with a note indicating what has changed and the last time it was updated. For example, OpenID and LRDD.
  • Moving target – some posts are used to reflect the most recent changes to a specification in progress. In such cases, the post will be marked as a moving target until no additional changes are expected. For example, Implementing WebFinger.

Hope you find this new system useful and as always, feedback is appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving!