Welcome to the (New) Hueniverse

Some of you might have noticed some big changes around here.

Huniverse OldHueniverse New

I am happy to announce the first phase in the site redesign. The main focus was the site structure, moving from a linear blog to a more magazine-like site with a resource center area. The new design bring to the front topics that are more popular or relevant, while also making it trivial to find the information needed. At the top of the page you will find a new navigation bar with links to the individual technologies covered, as well as a search box.

Over the past few months this blog has slowly switched focus from opinions and reviews to providing references and tutorials about emerging social web technologies. I have been paying attention to the analytics and from the recent growth in readership and visitors, it is pretty obvious there is a growing demand for more of tutorials.

In the next phase I am going to review the existing content and update it with the latest information. Many posts have been written while the specifications were in draft mode and contain some inaccuracies.

I have often been asked what does the name hueniverse mean. First, it is pronounced just like ‘universe’. It is a combination of the words hue and universe. It was originally the name of home printing site I was working on which was focused on getting the best colors from your home printer (as in, a world of colors). The project ended but I still liked the name, so when it was time to start my company, I decided to use the same name. Today, Hueniverse, LLC is inactive and is just a holding company for the assets left from my work on Nouncer.

Please check out the new design, let me know what you think in the comments and post any requests for new guides or tutorials.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the (New) Hueniverse

  1. Eran-looks great, really impressive, well done! Two quick comments: 1) the headings on your OAuth outline aren’t obviously clickable (so it sort of looks like a dead-end page). And 2), why can’t I use OpenID to leave comments here? :p

  2. Wow, I spoke too soon about OpenID, but I see it’s just totally hidden. Hmm, maybe a little message next to Website saying “if you use an OpenID, we will verify it” or something would make that more obvious? 🙂

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