Guest Writers on Hueniverse

Over the past two years this blog turned from a chronicle of my startup adventures to a community resource about many of the open specifications and standards I am interested in. Lately I have been completely invested in discovery and the daily operations of the Open Web Foundation. This left no time for the practical application of all this legal and technological infrastructure building.

Over the last few months I have been trying to turn this blog into a technical resource for developers looking for insight into existing and upcoming open specifications such as OAuth, OpenID, LRDD, and many others. So when last week an opportunity presented itself in hosting guest posts about OpenID, which is a topic I don't get to right about often enough, I got immediately excited. It inspired me to think about this blog in a new way.

One of the main use cases for a lot of the recent work on LRDD and XRD came from the talented security engineers over at Google: Dirk Balfanz, Breno de Medeiros, and Brian Eaton. Their work, with the product leadership of Eric Sachs, has injected both a sense of urgency and reality into the XRI TC where XRD is being worked on. The recently "exposed" Google plan for OpenID services has injected some new energy into the OpenID community, and triggered interest in the intersection of OpenID and web discovery.

Over the next few weeks, Dirk Balfanz – a software engineer at Google where he is working on Internet Identity and Data Portability-related projects – will share his thoughts on where OpenID might be heading next, and provide some insight into the thinking that inspired Google's design choices for their proposed solution. Prior to joining Google, Dirk worked and published in the area of Usable Security.

Because I am not the only one with a large corporate employer, I need to make it clear that Dirk will be writing as an individual on behalf of himself, and will not be necessarily representing Google's views or product plans in any way, unless explicitly stated.

I am very excited about this new phase in the evolution of this blog, and will be looking for more such opportunities to host guest writers and offer the kind of detailed technical blog writing that is very hard to find these days, especially about all these related technologies.