Internet Identity Workshop, the Identity Geekfest

IIW There are few events more productive than Internet Identity Workshop.

And few that I enjoy quite so much. I’m an engineer at heart, even though these I play a pseudo-lawyer and write specifications. While I enjoy the meta conversations about the social web, I love talking code. The real thing, like working with a group of people on a new XML schema using a whiteboard, or walking through use cases and designing protocols. Ultra-geek stuff.

IIW, now in its 5th year is the central event for the identity community which includes OAuth, OpenID, XRD, Discovery, as well as the political and social conversations about them. It has been the place where OAuth Discovery was first discussed and shaped, where LRDD was presented and got its initial momentum, where XRDS turned into XRD, and where Yadis and many other OpenID ideas and proposals came from. And this is just the stuff I obsess about.

The event is an unconference like BarCamp, where the participants set the agenda, and what you have to say is as important as what you came to listen to and learn from. If you care about this space, and find this blog interesting, IIW is a must.

The next event, IIW2009A (there are two a year, usually May and December), is May 18-20, 2009 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. With everything going on in the identity space, it promises to be a great and productive event, even more than past years. I will be there presenting the latest specifications, ideas, and developments in OAuth, Discovery, XRD, etc. and plan to get some work done.

For more information, visit the event site, and if you register by April 1st, the fees are greatly reduced. And don’t forget to come and say hello.