(XRD) Weekly Recap

This week was all about XRD.

After the new XRD schema sneak-peak, I spent this week explaining how it could be applied to the two use cases on many people’s minds: OAuth and OpenID. I stared with applying XRD to the current OpenID discovery flow, something I hope the OpenID community will take on. Next I gave some background about the previous attempts at OAuth discovery, and then describe what I’m thinking for the new OAuth discovery protocol.

The next two posts (and the one to follow next week) focused on the overall architecture, breaking the XRD document into three sections, and describing using examples the XRD extensibility model.

IETF LogoAnd last, I would like to remind you that the IETF OAuth meeting will take place Monday at 1pm during the 74th IETF meeting in San Francisco. We plan to finish the charter and get some work done. Hope you join us.