Sunday Morning Discovery

Magnifying Glass Discovery is a big topic.

My focus is on discovering resource descriptions or metadata, to enable zero configuration and automatic interoperability of web services. It is the glue that makes all the individual social web protocols work together.

I tend to write about discovery on two levels: conceptual and (very) practical. My on-going Beginner’s Guide to Discovery is at the conceptual level. The recent posts about the XRD protocol stack are the practical implementations of the discovery concepts. As more details are being figured out, it is as important to understand where they are coming from and why they matter.

Explaining Discovery – the introductory post to the beginner’s guide.

Part I: Magic – Making things just work, like, magic.

Part II: People vs. Machines – How to decide where to put metadata and what tools to use?

Part III: Addressable Identity – The basic building block of the social web.