Weekly Recap and Upcoming Events

It if wasn’t obvious, the theme this week, more than anything else was ‘return to blogging’. I’ve missed putting my ideas on (virtual) paper and while spec-writing is fun, it doesn’t allow for as much creative expressiveness.

This week I have joined the conversation about Twitter’s new OAuth API, discussed ideas for improving OAuth on the desktop, thought out-loud about what Open means, defined the Equal Access Principle, criticized some recent trends with OpenID, but also praised what OpenID has accomplished so far, and continued my guide to Discovery.

I also started explaining how discovery is evolving, and that will my main theme in the coming week. I will offer among other thoughts, an in-depth preview of XRD, the new frontier in discovery. I know many of you have been waiting patiently to jump right in and write code, so I hope you will like what you see.

SXSW Logo For those attending SXSW March 15th, I will be joining David Recordon, Dawn Foster, David Rudin, and Dare Obasanjo for a panel on ‘Post Standards: Creating Open Source Specs‘. We will be talking about the Open Web Foundation, community developer specifications, and about the legal and moral issues involved in interoperability. BTW, If you ever wondered, the answer is yes. A Microsoft lawyer can be a lot of fun to work with!

IETF LogoLater that month, March 22-27, I will be at the 74th IETF meeting in San Francisco. We will have another OAuth BoF (currently scheduled for Monday afternoon) and plan to finish the charter and get some work done.