It’s People Like Me What Cause Unrest

Half a BeeHueniverse celebrated its first birthday last week and its the perfect time to launch a new blog. Why another? Because readers of this blog are probably not all that interested in my personal life, my political views, and my technology rants. I personally dislike when people use their blogs for both business and pleasure and decided to create two separate brands for myself. I also use Hueniverse closely with my day job at Yahoo! which requires that opinions posted here are professionally written and while not necessarily those of my employer, are at least not a public relations liability.

The new blog is called Half a Bee, named after the Monty Python song Eric the Half a Bee. Why? Because the spirit of the sketch and silliness of the subject matter fits perfectly with the kind of writings I plan to do there. In addition, the song used to appear in conjunction with another sketch in which the lead character says “Look, it’s people like you what cause unrest.” That is what Half a Bee is all about! Maybe I’ll see you on the other side.