Announcing XRDS-Simple 1.0 Draft 1

XRDS-SimpleI’m happy to announce that XRDS-Simple 1.0 Draft 1 was released today. What started as an appendix to OAuth Discovery, quickly found life of its own in the form of a generic and simple-to-implement discovery protocol for web services. The specification is more about an editorial review of existing standards than an invention of something new, but written to remove the need to study other specifications. For more detail on XRDS-Simple check the post about XRDS-Simple in Context.

From the XRDS-Simple specification:

XRDS-Simple provides a format and workflow for the discovery of resources metadata, and other linked resources. As web services continue to grow, applications utilize a wider range of web services and resources across multiple providers. XRDS-Simple allows providers to document their resources in a machine-readable way, which can be automatically discovered by consumer applications.

The XRDS-Simple specification builds on top of existing practices first introduced by the XRI community and later adopted and further developed by Yadis, a discovery protocol widely used by the OpenID community. XRDS-Simple goal is to provide an easy to implement solution that is focused on solving the most common discovery use cases.

The goal of XRDS-Simple is to provide a lightweight version of XRDS that simplifies the implementation of parsers while maintaining full compatibility with XRDS and any XRDS-compliant parsers and resolvers. It also serves as an introduction to XRDS, giving implementers an upgrade path to other XRDS features when appropriate.

By defining XRDS-Simple, implementers can both declare the scope of their application and capabilities, as well as perform tests to assert that their application is capable of processing input documents exactly as they were intended. This is of particular importance when processing documents with security or identity information, where misinterpretation of the document can lead to a breach of security.

XRDS-Simple is being developed with the full support and participation of the XRI TC, and members of the OpenID, OAuth, and DiSo communities. The specification is available at and its discussion maintained at the XRDS-Simple Google Group. Feedback is greatly needed and appreciated.

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  1. XRDS-Simple Draft 1

    Eran Hammer-Lahav announces the first draft of XRDS-Simple, which is the attempt to make a simplified profile of the XRDS/XRD XML document that is the core of XRI Resolution. Drummond Reed and I, along with other members of the XRI

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