Upcoming Events

Tomorrow (11/28), I will be at New York’s first MatchupCamp, an event I am helping to organize. MatchupCamp is matchmaking for startups. It is a unique networking events for those with an itch to join or start a tech startup in the New York area. Organized by nextNY, MatchupCamp is all about sharing ideas and skills in hopes to make some useful connections. There are many networking events in NY, but none focused on those ready to get their hands dirty and build something new. If you are in town, come and check it out. If you want to talk about Nouncer and the positions available, please find me there (or drop me a line).

I will be at Internet Identity Workshop next week in Mountain View, CA (12/3-5). It will OAuth’s primetime among many other great ideas and technologies. We plan to make OAuth Core 1.0 final and release it to the world. If you haven’t been keeping up, we’ve recently published OAuth Core 1.0 Draft 7 which is very stable and has a growing developer community and code libraries. Nouncer’s OAuth endpoint are due this week in the new alpha environment.