Nouncer’s First Steps

Nouncer is making its first few steps into the world this week. The first set of APIs are being released this week to the Nouncer alpha environment, and will allow developers to learn about the session management and user registration features. I expect to release enough API calls by the end of the year to allow developers to build working applications using the platform. However, Nouncer will not be fully operational until February-March 2008.

There is a bit of a learning curve for using Nouncer and it is due to the unique characteristics of the service. Nouncer is an API-only product. There is not going to be a website, or any consumer interface. I plan to build sample sites and designs but they will all be open-source in order to provide free and quick templates for developers using Nouncer. In the future, Nouncer will drive enterprise micro-content tools and services, but that is going to be a separate product line. For now, Nouncer is being marketed to developers and site owners looking for tools to enhance their services.

In an effort to open the communication lines between developers and Hueniverse, I’ve created two new Google Groups: Nouncer Announcements and Nouncer Developers Forum. The first is a read-only announcement list. It is a low volume list that will help keep people up to date with the Nouncer platform. Its focus is on non-technical news that is too detailed for this blog. The second is an open forum for communicating and discussing technical issues regarding the platform. I will be posting new information about the API structure and the first few calls released over the next few days.