In Search of Talent

Nouncer is getting closer to a working platform and it is time to get more hands in the factory. I’ve wrote before about the quest and challenges of finding a co-founder for startups, in NY and in general. That search is still on-going but my main focus is on getting stuff built and used. With that in mind here are some roles I would like to add to the Nouncer team. Any of these can be done as a full time job, part time, contract-based, or internship. If you are a student and looking for a really cool internship position, these are promised to be both fun and challenging (you’ll even get paid), and a true learning experience.

Front-End Web Developer – Nouncer is a developer platform. It doesn’t have a consumer facing product that users can sign-up to and use. Instead, other developers will use the platform to build their own tools and services. In order to make the Nouncer developers’ life easier and speed up development, I am looking for a developer to build cool and free-spirited microblogging and other real-time content sites. These will be open source and made public to the Nouncer developer community. To get an idea of the kind of sites this position will build take a look at the Prototype Preview document. There are no specific language requirements, but developers with experience with Ruby or PHP are preferred, as well as JavaScript.

Website Designer – will work closely with the Front-End Web Developer building original design templates for the Nouncer mockups. As with the sample sites, the designs will be made open source and any Nouncer developer will be allowed to use them as is or modified for their own site. This can be a dream position for any creative person who loves sites like Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku, to build their own vision of what a microblogging site should look like.

With both positions, you will get full credit for your work. If you are interested in learning more about the positions please contact me or come to MatchupCamp.