OAuth: The Podcast

Bungee LineLarry, Chris, and I spent an interesting hour talking about OAuth to the guys at Bungee Connect for their Developer Network. The conversation gives some background on the history behind the protocol, the problems it was set to solve, and a bit of advice for getting started. We talked about what is needed to make OAuth a success, and how it is relevant to today’s web.

One point that made me smile while hearing it again, was us talking about Google’s super-secret announcement, which at the time we recorded the interview was set for 11/5. Unless you just came back from Mars, I am sure you’ve heard something about OpenSocial. I am hoping Google and Co. will do the right thing and soon announce support for OAuth.

Bungee Connect Developer Network got some other impressive interviews you should check out, most recently their two part interview with Jeff Barr on Amazon Web Services. Check out our podcast and others at Bungee Line.