The Slowest Tastiest Tweets

One of the things that makes Twitter stand out is their embrace of a technical limitation as a fundamental feature of their service. Using the 140 character limit imposed by mobile SMS messaging, Twitter creates a culture where brevity defines a new form of communication. But the best thing about it yet to be discussed in depth is that tweets are the only form of microblogging guaranteed to fit on a fortune cookie!

Twitter Fortune Twitter Fortune Twitter Fortune Twitter Fortune
Twitter Fortune

Turns out printing your own Twitter Fortune Cookies is easier than you might think. I picked a bunch of tweets written by the Twitter guys, emailed them over to K & B Bakery complete with the color of the paper and the Twitter girl. $44.31 and 5 days later a box with 150 cookies arrived at the Twitter office. Admittedly, sending folks their own tweets printed on paper, folded in dough, shrink-wrapped in plastic, in a box, via UPS, isn’t the most effective form of communication, but it sure tastes better.

Photos courtesy of Blaine Cook.