Twitter is More than Just Twitter

Being critical of Twitter is really a compliment. It comes with the territory of being the market leader in a new space. My recent negative rants about the Twitter are really about how it is being used than its qualities. Like many others, I have a vested interest to see Twitter succeed. While Nouncer does not compete with Twitter, it builds upon the usefulness and experience of microblogs users. Most of my points about Twitter apply equally to other microblogs like Jaiku, Pownce and others. And there are many others.

The best features Twitter has to offer are their powerful platform and open API. It is also the reason they are more successful and why others are coming out with their own API almost as fast as their website. I am excited about the soon to be released Pownce API and have been playing around with the Jaiku API. These three sites and the many who try to improve the space (using their lower load as an advantage to build new functionality), all serve an important purpose of getting microblogging into the mainstream. We are still in the imagination phase, trying to figure out what to do with this powerful tool we stumble upon.