OAuth Needs Karl Rove

I said before that only Karl Rove can fix phishing attacks and internet security problems that are caused by users laziness and carelessness. We need the man who got George Bush re-elected on a platform of fear. OAuth will provide a (much) better way to share your stuff without sharing your password, but it doesn’t replace passwords.

Even with OAuth, we need to scare people into being more careful and smarter about what they do online. To prove my point: Flickr, Google, and others have great (but proprietary) OAuth like protocols, but sites still ask for your Flickr and Google passwords and you still give it to them. It takes a while before I share my password from one site with another because I don’t trust them.

The most famous campaign ad from the 2004 election was the wolves in the woods scare flick. Regardless of what your political views are, it works and it is dead simple. For those who need a reminder:

Still not getting my point? Here is what an OAuth ad would look like if it was made by Karl Rove:

Karl Rove's OAuth Ad

Artwork by Seth Shaw.