I Shall Call You Squishy

Let see if I can confuse you a little bit. OAuth, pronounced “Oh Auth”, started as OpenAuth – OpenID’s party-loving cousin. AOL came and took OpenAuth for their own API protocol. It then changed to Oauth pronounced like “Oath” until Pownce’s Leah Culver talked everyone into the current pronunciation (or so the legend goes). Now, OAuth has nothing to do with OATH, the Initiative for Open Authentication over at OpenAuthentication. And if an Israeli tries to explain OAuth to you calling it “Oh Oaf”, don’t take it personally.

One thought on “I Shall Call You Squishy

  1. *giggle* I had a very funny interview the other day in which I was talking about Lie-nucks and My-sequel and the Israeli sitting across from me just kept looking bewildered. Finally the clue train hit him in the head. “Lee-nooks and My-es-cue-ell! For a minute I thought I was going to have to learn new technologies…”
    I’m looking forward to implementing Oh-Auth over at Startcut.com, even if the rest of my team ends up calling it Oh-Oaf. 🙂

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