Have You Met Sid?

Update: This initiative is no longer active.

What started as a side conversation at the Data Sharing Summit with Dick Hardt and other cool folks about your online reputation, turned into a new initiative we call SydSid – ‘Shit Stuff YouI’ve Done’. The idea is to have a sort of registry of things you have done online such as blog posts, comments, images, wiki revisions, etc. SydSid just aggregates all the information you choose to publicly link to you SydSid “page”. Other services can use that “page” to extract value about you such as your reputation, community involvement, influence, etc. The basic use case if being able to read someone’s comment on a blog and check out who this person is and what else he or she has written.

A few key elements to this service is using OpenID as your identifier, allowing you to associate your ‘shit’ ‘stuff’ to your identifier. Of course you can associate different content to different identifiers segregating your world into separate areas. Your OpenID will include an attribute pointing to you SydSid provider where the actual stuff is stored (which can be your OpenID Provider).

The stuff itself will be some combination of a URL, timestamp, and hash you agree reflects your contribution (so that others cannot change what you claim is your work behind your back). Some claims will be confirmed while others are self asserted (which will be most in the beginning). Of course there will be some API for all this and I bet we’ll be using OAuth.

We had a quick session about it and mostly agreed to continue this effort online. We created a Google group SID Service and you are invited to join.

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