In the Works

It has been a busy couple of weeks.

I’ve been focused on implementing the Nouncer API. As luck would have it, exactly when I was looking for an API session authentication solution, a bunch of smart people were busy working on exactly that. Initiated by Twitter’s Blaine Cook and Citizen Agency’s Chris Messina, the group have been working on the OAuth protocol (site coming soon) for almost a year and it is due for release next week.

OAuth (pronounced “Oh Auth”) is an API authority delegation protocol – it allows you to grant access to your private resources (such as your Twitter status, Flickr photos, etc.) to 3rd party applications (i.e. Twittervision) without sharing your password with them. OAuth builds on existing protocols (Google AuthSub, Yahoo BBAuth, AOL OpenAuth, etc.) and attempts to create a single open standard that will be able to replace all the proprietary stuff out there and establish a common language for developers to implement.

While you wait for Nouncer, here is something to keep you busy.

jababoutIn the next two weeks Hueniverse is going to release a new Facebook Application called JabAbout. It is a new social game that came about while working on the Nouncer platform. Once you start playing with the idea of micro-blogging and what can be done with the tool, it is hard to stop.

JabAbout is a byproduct of Nouncer, but one that does not fit with the framework itself. Instead of making it another service, I decide it would fit right in as a Facebook application. It is wickedly simple and I think can be a really fun game to play. My plan is to add it to my profile on Facebook and invite my friends (I will also mention it here when its ready). I want to see how fast it will spread just from one source. If you want to be included in the initial launch request to add me to your Facebook profile. More on JabAbout soon.