Family Hot Line

Of the endless microblogging usage possibilities, one of the more practical ideas is a Family Hot Line. It is really simple – you and your family or friends all sign-up with a microblogging account from any of the services currently available. You create a private channel or a private identity and make sure everyone follows / subscribe to it. In case of emergency, a single message to that channel will be distributed in real-time to everyone else, on their cell phone, IM, web, or email.

Today when you need to get hold of someone for help, you need to have all their information with you. You then go through the list of people and try to reach them one at the time. You also don’t know where they are or what they are doing. Should you call or text them? The technology behind microblogging makes it trivial to link up with your family and friends, and reach out. People are using Twitter it to send out news and information, but in a private settings this can become an everyday tool.