=eran is Me

The past two weeks have been mostly dedicated to implementing session management and authentication API calls for Nouncer. I have made an early decision to support OpenID in the API and to make it Open Source friendly. I am no authority on such matters, and beside recently joining the OpenID specification mailing list, as well as a few other relates groups, I am mostly in learning mode. The amount of material started small with OpenID 1.1 at under 20 pages, but quickly turned into a tricky adventure into the thickness of OpenID 2.0, XRI Syntax, Yadis, XRDS, and other new standards.

XRI is a new emerging standard for representing resources. My new XRI is ‘=eran’ which is pretty cool. It is not yet widely available for use online but it is on the right track. Since OpenID supports XRI and OpenID itself is gaining ground, I think XRI will have a pretty bright future. The idea is that from now on I will be able to tell the world to find me at ‘=eran’. My blog is ‘=eran/(+blog)’ and my email is ‘=eran/(+email)’. I think you get the idea. Since most browsers don’t support XRIs yet, if you want to see what it’s all about visit xri.net or try my XRI by adding ‘http://xri.net/’ before the ‘=eran’.

Once XRI and OpenID are widely available, I will be able to sign into websites with nothing but ‘=eran’ as my login and I will be able to enter my password once and login to many sites without having to enter it again, even for days. Now that’s pretty cool.

Update: Since writing this post the XRI community has changed course and the technology is focused more on structured identifier than on another registration of cool short names. I am no longer the owner of =eran. But I did buy eran.me just in case.